Monday, July 26, 2010

Speaking of Crispy Fall Bike Rides

The grocery store is less than a mile from my new apartment and once I decide on one of these truly amazing baskets from Adeline Adeline , I will be riding there daily for fresh produce and wine. Adeline Adeline is one of those unique shops you only find once in a while. Beautiful designs that you are excited to buy, use, wear, and show off.  This beautiful Klassic Klara three speed with fat tires screams to be rode all over town while jingling this brass Crane Bell . I am especially excited about the baskets though. These two baskets are both detachable, so you can hook them to your bike, bring them into the store to fill with baguettes, tomatoes, crusty bread, olive oil, and Pinot Noir, then reattach to your bike and ride home. All while staying safe in these too stylin' to call helmets helmets . With their polished brim, they look less like helmets and more like chic caps.They even offer these great helmet covers that mask the helmet look. Check out their website , pump up your tires, and ride your bike all over town.

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  1. Your words inspire me to jump on my wonderful beach cruiser, and pedal to the next big adventure!