Saturday, October 30, 2010


Lounging days are so few and far between. This is one reason that I love holidays! Those days that are set aside for us to sleep in, eat, hang out around the house, and just relax. Colder weather means snuggling under blankets, drinking hot chocolate and tea, and putting on layers. I love these pieces from Anthropologie. Lounge pants and robes aplenty! I have what some may call a small collection of robes, I love them. I have four different cozy wraps and I just keep wanting more. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Too Cute

I am a cat person. I've grown up with cats, they're easy, low maintenance, they sleep on your lap and cuddle up in blankets, you can even leave them alone for a couple days and they're fine. Dogs though, you have to walk them, board them when you're gone, they're kinda like having actual kids. I was randomly looking through Martha Stewart's pet website and found this adorable breed, the Boarder Terrier. Trained to hunt foxes, these guys are active, affectionate, and thrive on being obedient. They have wiry fur and long legs, and only get up to about 15 pounds. Once I have a house with a yard, I will seriously consider bringing one of these sweet little guys home.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Saja Dresses

It's been about six weeks since Chris and I got engaged and of course between writing papers, studying for midterms, choosing classes for my last semester, and working, I've been looking at wedding dresses. I just stumbled upon this great website, Saja. I love that these dresses are simple, pretty, and a bit casual. I really love this sweet little short dress, but I've always imagined myself in a floor length gown. This short number is super cute though, what do you think?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gabo and Pevsner

Every Friday I sit in this cramped room for three straight hours and listen to my art history professor (who is awesome, by the way) talk about all kinds of artists, from all over the world, from all different times periods. Usually I've heard of them, seen some of their work in person or in a book at least. Some things I think are okay, some I really hate, and others I flip out over. Today he introduced me to Antoine Pevsner and Naum Gabo, brothers from Russia who created these amazing sculptures. I am totally fascinated by these works and I would love to see one up close.
From top to bottom: images 1 & 2,  Constructed Head No. 2 by Gabo
image 3, Torso by Pevsner
image 4, Head by Pevsner
The materials they used amaze me, celluloid, bronze, plexiglass, these flat pieces that create these amazing, complex 3-dimensional pieces, the geometry, the simplicity that makes something so complex. I can't wait to find out more about these artists!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mastering the Art of Julia

I know I'm about a year too late, but did you guys see that wonderful movie, Julie and Julia? I'm re-watching it. I forgot how wonderful this movie is. Its one of those you can pop in at any time and enjoy over and over again. Based on the book by Julie Powell, this movie really brought Julia Child back onto the front burner. She was such a wonderfully exciting woman. I find it so extraordinarily inspiring that she didn't even begin culinary school until she was 36. There is so much pressure for those of us in our 20s to know just what we want to do with our lives as soon as we graduate college, and just look at Julia. She found her calling a little later, and it happened perfectly for her. Mastering the Art of French Cooking is in the top 10 Best Selling cookbooks of all time. Julia brought this art to the women of the United States, and we could never thank her enough. If you haven't seen this great movie, watch it! It will inspire even those whose cooking level is only making toast or a box of Shells and Cheese, to poach an egg or even attempt Beef Bourguignon.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dear Winona,

Oh, Winona, where did you go? I love you, even if she did steal some stupid pair of cashmere socks. Winona Ryder was one of those rare actresses who was charming, beautiful, and actually made really good movies. Everyone loves Heathers and Edward Scissorhands, but as she grew her movies got even better. Reality Bites was an excellent representation of that oh-so-wonderful time after you get out of school and you have to actually try and do something with your life when you honestly still have no clue. I love that she played Jo in Little Women, no one could have played that role more perfectly, and Girl, Interrupted was amazing too. Her relationship with Angelina Jolie's character, Lisa, was so weird and dynamic. That movie really makes you question your own sanity. I just miss these amazing movies that were coming out throughout the 90s and now, well we just don't hear much from Ms. Ryder anymore. Winona, if you're out there, give us more please, we miss you!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Understated jewelry is so much more elegant than enormous bling. I have been looking for a necklace for every day wear and I found these two great etsy shops. I love the tiny sparkle these necklaces give and, they sit right on the collar bone. The first three come from Christina P Designs. She offers all kinds of jewelry, from hammered metal earrings to engraved rings and shiny cuffs to these sweet CZ sparkle necklaces. If you're more into the real thing, Jewelry by Priyanka Sodhi offers amazing designs created with rough, organic diamonds. Rings, earrings, and these necklaces, Trilliant Diamond Pendants using champagne diamonds in sterling silver or gold. Who doesn't want some tiny sparkles?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Urban Mushroom Forest

I was walking along on campus last week and spotted this giant clump of mushrooms. For going to school in the middle of the city, I see some things you'd never expect to find there. This is a great example. Just last week I was walking out of one of the buildings and a hawk flew just five feet over my head with a giant squirrel in its talons. amazing! 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DIY Costumes

Halloween is coming up, do you know what you're going to be? I love this Beehive costume that I found on Martha Stewart's website. She actually has some really great DIY projects that are cute, creative, easy, and elegant. Like this Rose Garden. How beautiful, not just for a little girl but any woman as well. I thought this Spider and Web costume was really sweet for mommy and baby. When I saw this little munchkin dressed up like a Turkey Dinner I laughed out loud and sent it to my friend, Nikki, begging her to dress up her new baby like this. Same with this sweet little Cupcake Girl. How funny! the sparkly shoes go perfect with it. If you need some inspiration, Martha's the place to go, check out her website for some awesome ideas! So what are you going to be?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I don't know what happened today but I woke up and had to listen to Joni Mitchell's amazing album, Blue. I listened to Carey about four times on my way to school and I've been obsessing over her all day. I actually don't know that much about her other than she's one of the greatest songwriters of the late 20th century, she's an amazing painter, and my mom loves her. This obsession might last a while.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Everyone has their own rituals for comfort. Things they go to when having a bad day, or if its just one of those lovely rainy/snowy days that we are fortunate to have once a while. You know the ones, you can hole up in your home, watch movies, eat, work on projects. Here are some things I go to when I'm in search of comfort. A perfect day of comfort for me would include Macaroni and Cheese, watching Anne of Green Gables, sipping a warm cup of tea during the day, maybe having a delicious glass of wine at night. I'd slip into my most comfortable clothes, hoodies, yoga pants, my Minnetonka Moccasins, I'd knit, enjoy some I Love Lucy episodes, listen to John Lennon's solo albums. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cowls, Scarves, and Coziness

I didn't realize how much I love scarves until I was organizing my closet the other day. I have a ridiculous amount. No matter, there's always room for more! I found some patterns and have been knitting my little hands off for the past few weeks. I am yet to make this cashmere cowl that I found on Purl Bee, but it is on my list for sure. I am dying for this sweater from athleta, I LOVE that you can wear it as a hood, hanging down loose, or you can even stretch it across your shoulders and looks like a little caplet. This last pattern for a wonderfully comfy infinity scarf is what I'm working right now. I found it on ravelry and it was designed by Madelinetosh. Making one for my lovely mother and one for myself. How I love fall!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

You May Say I'm a Dreamer

Today John Wintson Ono Lennon would have 70 years old. He may be my greatest hero of all time. I could go on and on but nothing I can say would do him justice. We miss you John, happy 70th.
So his birthday is on the 8th and I thought I'd get the post with the last 2 minutes of the day. So Happy Birthday John, October 8th