Monday, October 18, 2010

Dear Winona,

Oh, Winona, where did you go? I love you, even if she did steal some stupid pair of cashmere socks. Winona Ryder was one of those rare actresses who was charming, beautiful, and actually made really good movies. Everyone loves Heathers and Edward Scissorhands, but as she grew her movies got even better. Reality Bites was an excellent representation of that oh-so-wonderful time after you get out of school and you have to actually try and do something with your life when you honestly still have no clue. I love that she played Jo in Little Women, no one could have played that role more perfectly, and Girl, Interrupted was amazing too. Her relationship with Angelina Jolie's character, Lisa, was so weird and dynamic. That movie really makes you question your own sanity. I just miss these amazing movies that were coming out throughout the 90s and now, well we just don't hear much from Ms. Ryder anymore. Winona, if you're out there, give us more please, we miss you!

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