Friday, April 30, 2010

Yellow Accessories

I have been obsessed with Yellow accessories lately. I bought these cute flats by Blowfish a couple of weeks ago. They feel springy and happy, and they give a great shot of color to my Navy Blue dress . I also bought a skinny yellow belt at Marshall's for $1! I found a great second hand yellow scarf from Arizona Trading Company , and I am currently lusting over this Nine West Zip Clutch. I even got this great tote from Target last week. I don't know if it's just me but it's all about Yellow right now!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

cubist literature

I was trying to research this paper i was working on and i typed "Cubist Literature " into my search engine and this website came up. Love this t-shirt which basically says in French, "I will always be here for you and I will get you drunk when you are sad" Love this. check out their website for other cute t-shirts and knit wear.

Lo Boheme

I am totally in love with these hair pieces by Lo Boheme . Created by a husband and wife team in California, their pieces are one of a kind beautiful. Seeing each piece you feel the inspiration from the 19th century French Bohemian, art nouveau, and old Hollywood. Pieces are made with vintage broaches, velvet and silk flowers, feathers and, silk ribbon, among other things. You can get them custom made or pick something ready to wear. I think these pieces would be great for weddings, special events, or if you want something really smashing to wear when you're going out on the town.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

That's Anne with an "E"

Lucy Maud Montgomery is the woman behind Anne of Green Gables . She published these books in 1908, and although they were meant for younger readers, these books top my list of favorites even today.  I also watch the mini series, created for PBS in 1985 probably once a month, sometimes more. This story never seizes to inspire me. I get something from it every time I read the book or watch the movie. In short it's about a red-headed orphaned girl who is bounced from home to home to take care of bratty little kids until one day, she winds up at Green Gables on Prince Edward Island in Canada (by Providence.) Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, a bachelor and spinster brother and sister, send for a young boy to help them with chores around their farm, Anne (with an E) is sent instead. While Anne proves to be a trouble maker, talking too much, smashing her slate over  a boy's head at school, she also proves to be remarkably smart. She gets the best grades in her class, recites "The Lady of Shallot" over and over, and is on a quest to find a "bosom friend." You cannot help but fall in love with this story. Anne is the underdog who rises from her sad past and makes the entire town proud to know her. This story is about love, family, and community. The relationships Anne creates with Matthew, Marilla, Diana, and the rest of the town are touching. Anne may be a supreme trouble maker, and overly dramatic, renaming Barry's Pond to "The Lake of Shinning Waters" and the avenue to "White Way of Delight" but she is genuinely endearing and wonderfully real. You will love this interpretation of Montgomery's story. Pick up the DVD and book and get in touch with your wholesome side!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Messy hair for all

I used to have super long hair, down to my waist but when I was 23 I cut 14 inches off and donated it to Locks of Love . Which was great, I grew it out again, cut it again, and now I've had short hair for a little over a year. I miss my long hair now and I'm ready to grow it out again. Looking at these messy braids and buns really make me yearn for my long hair. Aren't these styles so pretty, fun, and chic? I can't wait for my hair to grow long!

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Warmth of Quilts

Someday I hope to be able to make quilts like these. I have made a couple of quilts in my novice sewing experience, for my niece and friends having babies, but I haven't really gotten too far. Mostly they are just simple patchwork. I love making them. Designing them, selecting brightly colored fabric, it's even better than being a kid in a candy store. I love these quilts by Anna Marie Horner , Amy Butler , and these others featured on The Purl Bee . My Aunt, Nancy Olson Spornitz , is an amazing quilter with published quilting patterns. She has made quilts for years and I wish I lived closer to her so I could pick her genius quilter brain and learn all her tricks of the trade. I cannot wait to have more time to create beautiful quilts so my home is filled with them and everyone who enters can wrap themselves up in one. I imagine my house with stacks of quilts on chairs, draped over the backs of couches and draped over kitchen chairs to make forts. Nothing says I love you or makes you feel more cared for and cozy than a home made quilt.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I wear mine at night

Sunglasses are quite possibly the coolest accessory. They can set the tone for your whole outfit. I think I own at least four different pair of sunglasses. Which do you like best? These funky round frames, classically cool wayfarers, sleek and sophisticated aviators, or these trendy over sized frames?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Claire La Faye, take me away.

I just stumbled upon Claire La Faye's etsy shop tonight and had to share with you the beauty that is her talent. I'm thinking any of these dresses would make wonderful, romantic wedding dresses. Each dress is made to order so it fits perfectly. She also makes gorgeous tanks decorated with silk chiffon, pins, pearls, and bows, all chic, romantic, and beautiful. I kind of want the top one.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good Advice

Never permit a dichotomy to rule your life, a dichotomy in which you hate what you do so you can have pleasure in your spare time. Look for a situation in which your work will give you as much happiness as your spare time. 
~Pablo Picasso

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Some people don't get Jackson Pollock , and that's okay. To quote Wayne's World, "Zeppelin didn't make tunes everyone liked, they left that to The Bee Gees" Well, Pollock didn't make paintings everyone liked, he left that to...Norman Rockwell? I absolutely love Pollock. For a while I didn't. After Ed Harris made the biomovie, Pollock , people seemed to get a little more interested in him and you began to see his work everywhere.  I saw prints in books and posters and the like, and I kind of thought the way a lot of people think, "I could do that." Then, I went with my lovely Aunt to a showing in Minneapolis at The Walker Museum called "Picasso and American Art" where I saw my first Pollock painting up close. It was this one, above called "The Troubled Queen." I love art, I love all different kinds of art, from Di Vinci , to Waterhouse , to Klimt , to Pollock. Some pieces are visually stunning and amaze me at the level of skill and detail, but "The Troubled Queen" was something else. It literally took my breath away, tears welled in my eyes, and I did not want to leave the room this painting was in. Pollock's style is so intuitive, the level of balance he achieves with all the chaos that goes on at the same time is astounding. When I was in the presence of this piece, its like it still held the vibe, the emotion he must have been feeling while painting it and, maybe that's why it caused such an emotional reaction for me. His drip and splatter paintings are amazing, they are breathtaking, they are unique, interesting, and groundbreaking. If you haven't seen a Pollock painting up close and you get the chance to, GO! I'm telling you, you may think, that's just splattered paint, I could do that.....well, no, you probably can't. 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

stuff I hate

I really wanted to keep my blog really positive, about people, things, and places I love, stuff that inspires me and everything wonderful about the world. That being said, I really wanted to speak my mind about some things that I just really cannot stand. So today I've decided to compile them into one post, just so I can get it out of my system and then I will go back to all things lovely. First off is American Flag T-Shirts. I just don't understand this act of patriotism. Is it really necessary? If you go to another country and you want to show you're proud to be an American, it might make sense but usually people wearing American Flag T-shirts are clearly Americans living in The United States, we don't need you wear a T-shirt to broadcast this. Besides, if you go to France are there a bunch of French people wearing French Flag T-shirts? I doubt it, take a hint from the French, they know how to dress well! So, unless you are Abbie Hoffman and wear an actual flag as a shirt, leave them in the store, they don't need to make them anymore. Next is school busses. I hate them. I hated riding them as a kid, it's second to the cafeteria in rejection. We all remember the scene in Forest Gump where everyone is telling him "Seat's Taken" on his first day of school. All the cool kids sit in the back, you have to wait for it in the freezing cold of winter and the heat of summer. As an adult, if you get stuck behind one going through a subdivision, tack on an extra thirty minutes to your commute home since it has to stop every two blocks. Not to mention, they are really unsafe. Ever seen a video of the inside of a bus wrecking ? Kids falling all over each other, pretty scary. Now for Crocs, the ugliest foot wear on the planet. If you're gardening or under five years old, you are excused but ANY OTHER TIME leave them in your closet, they are not cute, there are plenty of other shoes that are comfortable . There is enough that is ugly in this world. Mardi Gras Beads...they may be the number one most hated thing on my list. They are a waste of resources, ugly, cheap, and represent girls with low self esteem flashing their boobs. Really, I couldn't care less about flashing boobs, do what you want, but don't accept beads for them, they are horrible. I hate when people hang them on their rear-view mirror, they are used as decoration in college dorms, and why? There is nothing good about them. They are a waste of space and plastic. Sweatpants with words written across the butt. A lot of times, it isn't even a nice butt we're looking at, nor is it a great word. Juicy, Sassy, Naughty. How about Gross? No one wants to know you have a juicy butt, really it sounds more like a dietary problem than anything you should brag about. Again, leave them in the store and stop buying them. Last but not least Uggs. Namely, Uggs tucked into Skinny jeans. Is the name Ugg short for Ugly? I wonder. I swear to you, I will dance a jig of joy when this trend finally dies. I am so tired of seeing it on everyone. At my university, you know what the best is? Those awful sweatpants with words on the ass tucked into Uggs. If I had a nickel for every college girl wearing that...well, I would have my tuition money!
okay. tomorrow, back to all things wonderful. Thanks for reading, hope I didn't offend too many people.

Friday, April 16, 2010

One Wild and Crazy Guy

I have a little crush on Steve Martin, well Steven Martin from the '70's. He is goofy, witty, and seriously cool. His movies are awesome, from The Jerk, to Father of the Bride, even Cheaper by the Dozen. He is seriously multi-talented. He's not just a hilarious stand-up and sketch comedian, he's a writer, singer, and musician. In fact, he just put out a new album called The Crow, which is on sale now. He's actually touring for it and I am so excited to see him in Kansas City next Thursday. A Night of Banjo and Bluegrass. Check him out in your town, you won't regret it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

You're Gonna Make It After All

Someone left me a comment (!!) wanting me to write about retro television shows..which happens to be one of my areas of expertise. I just tried to write one blog about my top favorites, but i realized it would end up being two pages long so I'm going to take them one at a time. I had to start with my favorite show of all time, The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Who could guess why this show would be the favorite of a little girl when she's 10, but that's my reality. This show, I believe, has shaped my entire life. Were there other shows quite like this? I watch it now, in my late twenties and think, this show was like Sex and the City of the '70's. Maybe not sex, but lots of dates, maybe not labels, but great '70's fashion! Mary Richards left a man who wouldn't give her what she wanted, she moved to Minneapolis, became the executive producer of the worst news show in town, and lived her life true to herself. She also met Rhoda Morgenstern, who for me was the true hero of the show. I think Rhoda was the first person I really idolized, her sarcastic, self-deprecating humor, her bright pink apartment, her New York accent, and who can tie a scarf better than Rhoda? When I was about 13 I found an etc. sign at a thrift store, just like Rhoda had hanging in her apartment, I spray painted it gold and hung it in my bedroom just to pay homage to her. Mary and Rhoda were best friends, they were both smart, stylin' independent ladies who weren't going to settle for anything less than what they wanted. I'm getting a craving to pop in a DVD right now and watch a little Mary and Rhoda myself.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Heart Jenny

Jenny Hart has reinvented embroidery. This lost art form that used to consist of flowered dish towels and pillow cases, has been lifted on to another level. Just look at these amazing portraits of Dolly Parton and Iggy Pop. Jenny was born in Iowa City, but is now based out of Austin, Texas.  She has shown her work in both group and solo exhibitions and founded her own design company, Sublime Stitching. Sublime Stitching offers kits, books, gifts, and tools to get more people back to this creative craft that's been all but forgotten. Her books offer unique iron on transfers of things like rockin' guitars, robots, martinis, and tattoo inspired designs. Jenny has totally transformed embroidery, just take a's not your Grandma's stitches!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cozy Cozy Granny Squares

It may be getting too warm for blankets, but you can always start early for next year. Granny square blankets might just be my favorite form of crochet. I started crocheting about three or four years ago, then moved on to knit. While I love both, there is something to be said about crochet. It's fast, easy, and really fun. Granny squares are a great way to use up small amounts of yarn and the outcome is this colorful, unique burst of warmth. Granny squares aren't just about blankets though, you can make slippers, hats, scarves, anything really just by creating different squares and joining them together. Here is an excellent tutorial on how to create these squares.  You can make them all the same size or, I personally  love the look for different sizes joined together. If you want to stray away from the square you make different shapes, like  circles or octogons!

Could you do teal?

Many times I've imagined myself in a teal room. Bright teal walls are a bold move, just look at the way these three spaces are unique, expressive, yet warm and inviting. I love how the top space has a worldly quality to it, the walls are dressed up with eclectic paintings, mis matched furniture and splashes of contrast in yellow and orange. I would love to spend the night and morning in the middle bedroom, the white bed spread and flowering branch add a crisp, sleek touch to the otherwise rugged furniture. I love the color palate in the last picture also. The yellow-green and white couch is place I could curl up and read, feeling cheery on a rainy day. Find your perfect shade at Glidden.