Thursday, April 15, 2010

You're Gonna Make It After All

Someone left me a comment (!!) wanting me to write about retro television shows..which happens to be one of my areas of expertise. I just tried to write one blog about my top favorites, but i realized it would end up being two pages long so I'm going to take them one at a time. I had to start with my favorite show of all time, The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Who could guess why this show would be the favorite of a little girl when she's 10, but that's my reality. This show, I believe, has shaped my entire life. Were there other shows quite like this? I watch it now, in my late twenties and think, this show was like Sex and the City of the '70's. Maybe not sex, but lots of dates, maybe not labels, but great '70's fashion! Mary Richards left a man who wouldn't give her what she wanted, she moved to Minneapolis, became the executive producer of the worst news show in town, and lived her life true to herself. She also met Rhoda Morgenstern, who for me was the true hero of the show. I think Rhoda was the first person I really idolized, her sarcastic, self-deprecating humor, her bright pink apartment, her New York accent, and who can tie a scarf better than Rhoda? When I was about 13 I found an etc. sign at a thrift store, just like Rhoda had hanging in her apartment, I spray painted it gold and hung it in my bedroom just to pay homage to her. Mary and Rhoda were best friends, they were both smart, stylin' independent ladies who weren't going to settle for anything less than what they wanted. I'm getting a craving to pop in a DVD right now and watch a little Mary and Rhoda myself.

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