Sunday, April 18, 2010

stuff I hate

I really wanted to keep my blog really positive, about people, things, and places I love, stuff that inspires me and everything wonderful about the world. That being said, I really wanted to speak my mind about some things that I just really cannot stand. So today I've decided to compile them into one post, just so I can get it out of my system and then I will go back to all things lovely. First off is American Flag T-Shirts. I just don't understand this act of patriotism. Is it really necessary? If you go to another country and you want to show you're proud to be an American, it might make sense but usually people wearing American Flag T-shirts are clearly Americans living in The United States, we don't need you wear a T-shirt to broadcast this. Besides, if you go to France are there a bunch of French people wearing French Flag T-shirts? I doubt it, take a hint from the French, they know how to dress well! So, unless you are Abbie Hoffman and wear an actual flag as a shirt, leave them in the store, they don't need to make them anymore. Next is school busses. I hate them. I hated riding them as a kid, it's second to the cafeteria in rejection. We all remember the scene in Forest Gump where everyone is telling him "Seat's Taken" on his first day of school. All the cool kids sit in the back, you have to wait for it in the freezing cold of winter and the heat of summer. As an adult, if you get stuck behind one going through a subdivision, tack on an extra thirty minutes to your commute home since it has to stop every two blocks. Not to mention, they are really unsafe. Ever seen a video of the inside of a bus wrecking ? Kids falling all over each other, pretty scary. Now for Crocs, the ugliest foot wear on the planet. If you're gardening or under five years old, you are excused but ANY OTHER TIME leave them in your closet, they are not cute, there are plenty of other shoes that are comfortable . There is enough that is ugly in this world. Mardi Gras Beads...they may be the number one most hated thing on my list. They are a waste of resources, ugly, cheap, and represent girls with low self esteem flashing their boobs. Really, I couldn't care less about flashing boobs, do what you want, but don't accept beads for them, they are horrible. I hate when people hang them on their rear-view mirror, they are used as decoration in college dorms, and why? There is nothing good about them. They are a waste of space and plastic. Sweatpants with words written across the butt. A lot of times, it isn't even a nice butt we're looking at, nor is it a great word. Juicy, Sassy, Naughty. How about Gross? No one wants to know you have a juicy butt, really it sounds more like a dietary problem than anything you should brag about. Again, leave them in the store and stop buying them. Last but not least Uggs. Namely, Uggs tucked into Skinny jeans. Is the name Ugg short for Ugly? I wonder. I swear to you, I will dance a jig of joy when this trend finally dies. I am so tired of seeing it on everyone. At my university, you know what the best is? Those awful sweatpants with words on the ass tucked into Uggs. If I had a nickel for every college girl wearing that...well, I would have my tuition money!
okay. tomorrow, back to all things wonderful. Thanks for reading, hope I didn't offend too many people.

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  1. Amen, girl!!!! You said it extordinarily well. I especially agree with you on the Crocs!