Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Some people don't get Jackson Pollock , and that's okay. To quote Wayne's World, "Zeppelin didn't make tunes everyone liked, they left that to The Bee Gees" Well, Pollock didn't make paintings everyone liked, he left that to...Norman Rockwell? I absolutely love Pollock. For a while I didn't. After Ed Harris made the biomovie, Pollock , people seemed to get a little more interested in him and you began to see his work everywhere.  I saw prints in books and posters and the like, and I kind of thought the way a lot of people think, "I could do that." Then, I went with my lovely Aunt to a showing in Minneapolis at The Walker Museum called "Picasso and American Art" where I saw my first Pollock painting up close. It was this one, above called "The Troubled Queen." I love art, I love all different kinds of art, from Di Vinci , to Waterhouse , to Klimt , to Pollock. Some pieces are visually stunning and amaze me at the level of skill and detail, but "The Troubled Queen" was something else. It literally took my breath away, tears welled in my eyes, and I did not want to leave the room this painting was in. Pollock's style is so intuitive, the level of balance he achieves with all the chaos that goes on at the same time is astounding. When I was in the presence of this piece, its like it still held the vibe, the emotion he must have been feeling while painting it and, maybe that's why it caused such an emotional reaction for me. His drip and splatter paintings are amazing, they are breathtaking, they are unique, interesting, and groundbreaking. If you haven't seen a Pollock painting up close and you get the chance to, GO! I'm telling you, you may think, that's just splattered paint, I could do that.....well, no, you probably can't. 

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