Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Heart of the Home

The other day I wrote about porches and outdoor spaces and how I was so exicted to have my own home someday so I could create a wonderful place like that. I think of all the indoor spaces, the kitchen would be my pride and joy. At this point in my life, I am by no means a great cook, probably even not a good cook. I can throw together some  okay dishes, but I have so little time to cook, it hasn't become a great skill yet. Kitchens to me mean something else. So, I don't really care about having chef's grade appliances, amazing cutlery, or anything else. I just want it to be a real family place, a place for entertaining friends, the spot in the house where everyone comes together. One thing I love about my parent's kitchen is that they've had the same kitchen table since before I was born. It isn't polished, it has water rings from my brother and I not using coasters, a spot where someone left a newspaper too long and some print rubbed off on it, and one chair has a painted arrow on it from where one of us decided to get creative during an art session. The leaf inset may be a different color from the rest of the very worn table, but I am so glad they've kept it. It holds many memories from childhood and is a real staple piece to their home. For my own dream kitchen, I would love a bar area around an island where kids can spread out their homework while dinner is being made, where scrabble and trivial pursuit is played, announcements are made, waffels and scrambled eggs are a sunday morning tradition, and cupcakes are iced with multi colored frosting on rainy days. Kitchens are usually secondary rooms to living rooms and such where the family gathers to watch a favorite TV show. I am hoping to make my kitchen that place, with less TV and more games, with less take out and more home cooking.  I love these four kitchens because they are airy and bright, open with the rest of the house, comfortable and clean, yet very real. I feel like I could walk right into them and feel at home. If you want some great tips, this article has some good advice on how to make your kitchen unique, inviting, and all your own.

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