Monday, April 26, 2010

The Warmth of Quilts

Someday I hope to be able to make quilts like these. I have made a couple of quilts in my novice sewing experience, for my niece and friends having babies, but I haven't really gotten too far. Mostly they are just simple patchwork. I love making them. Designing them, selecting brightly colored fabric, it's even better than being a kid in a candy store. I love these quilts by Anna Marie Horner , Amy Butler , and these others featured on The Purl Bee . My Aunt, Nancy Olson Spornitz , is an amazing quilter with published quilting patterns. She has made quilts for years and I wish I lived closer to her so I could pick her genius quilter brain and learn all her tricks of the trade. I cannot wait to have more time to create beautiful quilts so my home is filled with them and everyone who enters can wrap themselves up in one. I imagine my house with stacks of quilts on chairs, draped over the backs of couches and draped over kitchen chairs to make forts. Nothing says I love you or makes you feel more cared for and cozy than a home made quilt.

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