Monday, April 12, 2010

Could you do teal?

Many times I've imagined myself in a teal room. Bright teal walls are a bold move, just look at the way these three spaces are unique, expressive, yet warm and inviting. I love how the top space has a worldly quality to it, the walls are dressed up with eclectic paintings, mis matched furniture and splashes of contrast in yellow and orange. I would love to spend the night and morning in the middle bedroom, the white bed spread and flowering branch add a crisp, sleek touch to the otherwise rugged furniture. I love the color palate in the last picture also. The yellow-green and white couch is place I could curl up and read, feeling cheery on a rainy day. Find your perfect shade at Glidden.

1 comment:

  1. I love teal but for me that is just too much! I need quiet and calm in my decor. Everyone is different. It's a gorgeous color, particularly in pic #2 but I feel that the rest of the stuff really clashes. Brown does not go with teal (contrary to pop blog culture, not sure who started that) and so it's really hard to bring wood furniture in such a space. Maybe an island themed room with white wicker (sp?) furniture and light blue items but not the bright red, yellow and that horrid clashing green of pic #1 (my eyes!! LOL!) Yes like I said if you're the bohemian type who is too mellow it might be just the thing for you. I'm the hyper type and so I need peace & quiet in my space, particularly bedroom. I'm a lover of white walls, what can I say! Then the rest can be switched around from calm to colorful (bedspreads etc) as you please. JM2c & thanks for sharing, hope you don't mind that I did too!