Friday, October 8, 2010

Okay, Okay

So, I've been a big slacker about updating this blog, pretty much since classes started again. I'm feeling like school is just sucking all the creativity out of me. Sorry guys, I just haven't been inspired by much. I've been knitting though, and watching Project Runway, and hey! I got engaged! So I guess I've just been busy. But here are some things I've been learning in school! First I'm taking a Political Science class about Campaigns and Elections, which I thought would be interesting, but it's just making me a disillusioned citizen and I'm deciding that I hate all politicians regardless of what party they belong to or what they say into a microphone. I'm also taking Women in Rhetoric, which is a great class! So many women doing so many things to change the world in different and exciting ways. Each one is fascinating in her own right. We're all doing a rhetorical biography on a woman who has made a difference and I chose Wendy Shalit. I'm also taking advanced fiction writing where I have been challenged to write two short stories. I also get to read some from my classmates, which has been awesome! Workshop is full of great intimate conversation with people who are passionate about the same things. I'm also taking Symbolic Logic which is tough but like brain teasers, I actually kind of like it. I'm also taking a great Art History class with a teacher who doesn't care whether we know the dates, just if we recognize and respect the artists, which I think is what art is all about. He showed me this sculptor, Constantin Brancusi, who I think is my new favorite! Google him. amazing!

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