Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gabo and Pevsner

Every Friday I sit in this cramped room for three straight hours and listen to my art history professor (who is awesome, by the way) talk about all kinds of artists, from all over the world, from all different times periods. Usually I've heard of them, seen some of their work in person or in a book at least. Some things I think are okay, some I really hate, and others I flip out over. Today he introduced me to Antoine Pevsner and Naum Gabo, brothers from Russia who created these amazing sculptures. I am totally fascinated by these works and I would love to see one up close.
From top to bottom: images 1 & 2,  Constructed Head No. 2 by Gabo
image 3, Torso by Pevsner
image 4, Head by Pevsner
The materials they used amaze me, celluloid, bronze, plexiglass, these flat pieces that create these amazing, complex 3-dimensional pieces, the geometry, the simplicity that makes something so complex. I can't wait to find out more about these artists!

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