Saturday, August 21, 2010

Flannel Forever!

For some reason I got stuck in the '90's. I love everything about this decade. Wayne's World, Nirvana & Pearl Jam, and Bill Clinton. But what I really loved were those cozy flannel shirts that everyone used to wrap around themselves with their favorite band t-shirt underneath (My old Alice in Chains t-shirt still sits in the closet, unworn for years.) Everyone used to wear them with ripped up jeans, Birkenstocks or Doc Martins, and totally undone hair. Well, these wonderful plaid pieces have made a come back, although this time they're a little more chic. Check out Kirsten Dunst in her sweet flannel with some ultra short shorts and cute flats. You can wear them belted over leggings, or with a pretty cardigan, skinny jeans, and great leather boots.

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