Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Favorite

I thought I wouldn't post again until I got back from Europe but I just had to.  Chris took me Justus Drugstore in Smithville, Missouri and I just have to talk about it again. This is only the second time we've been,  but I can say it is my favorite place to eat. This food is life-changing good. Everything is unique, a wonderful mix of flavors and you can taste the passion of the chef in every bite. Tonight I got the Camp Lindo Roast Chicken which has a black pepper lemon herbed creme fraiche, duck egg pasta, morels, asparagus, and spring garlic. It is amazing.  Chris got the Kobe Braised Beef that came with these wonderful vanilla glazed carrots. The head chef, Jonathan Justus came out and spoke with us for a bit, telling us about their new addition, the outside kitchen that has recently opened and will be in full swing this summer. He told us it would be more casual, burgers and beer, not necessarily a three hour dinning experience like the main restaurant. I love this restaurant not just because the food is wonderful, but because they really care about where their food is coming from. Chef Justus told us tonight that he gets all his beef from one farm that is primarily grass fed then finished off with barley. This farm only processes five cows a week. The back of their menu lists where they get all their ingredients, raised at local farms. If you get dessert, check out their Strawberry Trio, delicious! Make reservations for their main restaurant, and check out their outside kitchen for more causal dinning. Also say Hello to the bartender (the bar is the old soda fountain from when this building was an actual drugstore) he looks like a mad scientist behind that bar, mixing drinks with fresh fruit and herbs! 

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