Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm Back!

Home again.  Italy was amazing and although I did not make it to France on this trip, I enjoyed Italy immensely. Here are some of my favorite pictures taken at my favorite places. We stayed in Dumaso on Lake Como, one of the northern most points on the lake. On our 3 hour boat ride, we spotted this beautiful sail boat backed by the Alps. I never thought I'd see the Alps, they were absolutely breathtaking. I loved every minute of it. The Trevi Fountain in Rome is also amazing. It was made in 1620 and is a masterpiece. Walking around Rome was so amazing, you're just walking around and Bam! you run into the Colosseum, this amazing structure built in the year 80. It was mind blowing. The last two pictures were taken at Cinque Terre national park. I loved this place, right on the Mediterranean Sea, while it was probably one of the more touristy places we went, it was like a whole other world. The Sea was clear, the sunsets were beautiful, and the locals were wonderful. The whole trip was like a dream come true, I can't wait to explore more of Europe

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