Monday, June 28, 2010

Vintage, Used, and Fabulous

Antique malls, flea markets, and second hand shops have the greatest finds. If you have any sort of taste for vintage style, these places will become your best friends. Find a great antique mall and it'll be your go to place if you want to find some inexpensive accessories and knickknacks for your home, if you need a place to spend a rainy or snowy day, or if you just want to go wander around for some inspiration or alone time. Good Juju is an amazing market full of great finds from all eras. Unfortunately, it's only open the first weekend of the month, Friday 9am-9pm, Saturday 9am-5pm, and Sunday 12pm-4pm. It is such a fun place but, since its only open for a short time, there is often a crowd so get there early! Located in the West Bottoms at 1412 W. 12th street, get there this weekend for some great finds! Vintage Market is located in Zona Rosa and is open seven days a week. Its a little more girly but also has great prices and amazing finds. Jewelry, clothing, furniture, pictures, tons of great stuff and girly fun! Parkville Antique Mall is a hidden treasure, located in English Landing Center, right by the park, you can spend a whole day in this place. Really great deals and tons of booths, if you haven't been there check it out. I found some great stuff to furnish my new apartment! River Market Antique Mall is another place you could get lost in. Four floors of stuff to rummage around in, you will be thoroughly worn out after a trip here. Shopping second hand is great. The stuff you find is higher quality than anything made today, you won't end up with the same stuff that all your friends have because its totally unique, and its a form of recycling, instead of buying new stuff made from new materials, you are finding great stuff that already has a story and life behind it. 

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