Friday, June 25, 2010

Chick Flicks Forever!

Everyone has movies that they watch over and over again. These movies are the "chick flick" movies that I discovered when I was a teenager and really spoke to me. I love to watch these movies on snowy winter days, days when I want to hide out and knit, I like to play them in the background while I clean the house, or just when I have alone time and want to hang out by myself. Fried Green Tomatoes , based on the novel by Fannie Flagg  starring Jessica Tandy , Kathy Bates , Mary Stuart Masterson , and Mary Louise Parker , is an awesome story about best friends, finding yourself, and family. While it is kind of a chick flick, it still has a really good story, a murder mystery, and a loving community in the 1920s south. It is sad yet joyful and so inspiring. Foxfire is one of Angelina Jolie's first movies, released in 1996 and loosely based on Joyce Carol Oats novel by the same name, this movie is about a sort of sisterhood bond between a group of girls who beat up a teacher who sexually harasses female students. It has a great 90s Grunge soundtrack and also stars Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis and supermodel Jenny Shimizu. I think this movie genuinely changed my life. Angelina Jolie's character hitches rides from town to town and thinks for herself. I wouldn't have been the same pain in the ass teenager without this movie!   How To Make an American Quilt stars Winona Ryder (I miss her, why'd she have to steal those damn socks?!), Maya Angelou , Ellen Burstyn , and Anne Bancroft .  This movie is about a group of women in a quilting circle who advise Winona Ryder, who is about to get married, about being true to herself. They each share their stories about finding their soul mates. It is sad, real, lovely, and funny. If there are any of these movies you haven't seen, add them to your queue

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