Friday, June 4, 2010

For the Fair Skinned

I burn, then I peel, then I'm back to being white again. I was lucky enough to be on a boat twice in two weeks after not setting foot on one in about two years. Unfortunately, both times I didn't slather enough sunscreen on and have been recovering from pretty brutal burns for the last week or so. So now I'm obsessed not only with sunscreen (bought some Aveeno SPF 70 the other day) but with finding a great floppy hat to wear as well. I like all four of these, and I'll probably just end up with a plain one like the one on top I found on the J. Crew website but I'm also digging this stripped one from American Eagle . I like the simple detail as well, but this last one is just drop dead gorgeous and if I had $165 to drop on a hat, I'd spend it in a heartbeat on this bottom one, also from J. Crew. It might look great to have a tan but, for me its next to impossible plus the whole lines, wrinkles, and skin cancer thing really makes having a tan a lot less glam. These hats are definitely more alluring.

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