Monday, March 22, 2010


It is my major disappointment in life that I did not become a Ballerina. While almost every little girl in the United States goes to dance class at some point in her life, most just go on to be cheerleaders who dream about becoming a Rockette...not there's anything wrong with that. Ballet just isn't really as highly regarded as it is in places like France or Russia. I still really love to read about ballerinas and watch ballets, so when I was looking around for new movies to put on my queue, I saw this documentary, Ballerina about dancers from the Kirov ballet. It was fascinating and inspiring. Their discipline to their art and the beauty they create is amazing. I had also never heard of Diana Vishneva but I think she's my new idol. She became a soloist at the Kirov after only a year, she is beautiful and truly creates the characters she plays they really become a part of her. I would love to see her dance. 

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