Sunday, March 28, 2010

I can never have too many

Half Priced Books may be my favorite non-clothing store EVER. It is dangerous for me to go in, I can never get away with spending less than $40, but I always walk out with four or five new books. My boyfriend suggested we go there today so he could get a new book to read and here I am, not planning on getting anything, yet walking out with three new picks. I bought Tricia Guild's book Pattern a book that should prove to keep me engrossed for a while with its delightfully bright pages of rooms I long to have in my fantasy home. I also left with Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick, as if I need another project book but I just loved some of the designs, so I couldn't leave without it. Half Price Books is great, not only because it saves me money but because its just another way to recycle, while I am never one to give away books or sell them because I plan to have a library in my house to rival the Beast's (you know from Beauty and the Beast), I'm glad other people do. Walk in with a stack of books and leave with some extra cash or some new things to read, who doesn't like buy, sell, trade? Stores like this really help the community, right now they have a program called The Half-Pint Library, getting books to kids in need. If you want to find a store near you, visit their Store Locator.

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