Monday, March 15, 2010

Hello St. Louis!

I visited my best friend in St. Louis this weekend. Its always interesting to me how different St. Louis is from Kansas City, but it really is. One thing they have in common though is some great restaurants. Pi is an amazing pizza place local to St. Louis, in fact I heard Barack Obama himself flew out a group of cooks to make him pizza at the White House. During the summer they have a patio and although sometimes the wait for a table is pretty long, it's worth it! Another place we love to go is Rooster for breakfast. My favorite thing on their menu is their choices of crepes. On this visit I got breakfast crepe #2, egg, goat cheese, and arugula. It was delicious. They also have a full menu of Bloody Marys, which I also took full advantage of. Their house Bloody Mary is a meal in itself. Next time you're in St. Louis, check these places out!

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