Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A place to get away

Did you ever dream of your very own treehouse when you were young? I think everyone did. Did you expect to see something like these fabulous homes in trees? I'm thinking I want to live in a tree someday, they really aren't just for playing anymore. There are some places around the country where you can vacation in a tree house. Check out beautiful Eureka Springs, Arkansas while staying in this lovely treehouse, you can visit Mt. Rainier while sleeping here,  or you can check out some other treehouse resorts. I think staying in one of these would be great for a honeymoon or just a relaxing getaway. How romantic to stay in a treehouse. Either way, I still want one in my back yard, I can imagine climbing up a rope ladder, sipping pink lemonade, reading books and listening to the birds chirp while relaxing in the treetops.

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